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At Calvary Chapel Austin, we teach through the books of the Bible by going through a complete book verse-by-verse; helping people apply the living Word of God to their daily lives.

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Apr 28, 2024

Genesis 36:1-43

I. The Family of Esau; vs.1-14

II. The Chiefs of Edom; vs.15-19

III. The Sons of Seir; vs.20-30

IV. The Kings of Edom; vs.31-39

V. The Chiefs of Esau; vs.40-43

This chapter chronicles the descendants of Esau.

Apr 21, 2024

Isaiah 6:1-13

  1. The right perspective v. 1-4
  2. The recognition and the response v. 5-8
  3. The Godly calling v. 9-13

Apr 14, 2024

Teacher: Terry Michaels
Passage: Genesis 35:1-29

I. The Lord Leads; vs.1-8

II. The Lord Speaks; vs.9-15

III. A Birth and A Burial; vs.16-26

IV. A Patriarch Breathes His Last; vs.27-29

God tells Jacob to go to Bethel and he obeys. With this new beginning comes great loss. Jacob’s beloved wife, Rachel, passes away. His...

Apr 7, 2024

Genesis 34:1-31

I. The Proposal; vs.1-10

II. The Concession; vs.11-24 

III. The Treachery; vs.25-31

Rather than settle where God was leading, Jacob leads his family to Shechem. Trouble starts soon after their arrival. His daughter is violated. Her brothers retaliate. It’s a gritty story yet there are lessons to be...