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At Calvary Chapel Austin, we teach through the books of the Bible by going through a complete book verse-by-verse; helping people apply the living Word of God to their daily lives.

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Jan 2, 2022

 Date: January 2, 2022
Teacher: Terry Michaels

Dec 26, 2021

I. A Time for SeekingA Time for Rejoicing

II. A Time for Rejoicing

III. A Time for Worshipping 

Christmas doesn’t have to end on December 25. There is a wise and wonderful way to celebrate Christ each day.

Nov 28, 2021

Teacher: Terry Michaels

A look at what Jesus, the apostles and Scripture teaches about the Holy Spirit.

Jul 18, 2021

Passage: 1 Peter 3:1-7
TeacherTerry Michaels

Marriage involves the heart. It is founded upon mutual love and honor. With love and honor comes submission one to another.