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At Calvary Chapel Austin, we teach through the books of the Bible by going through a complete book verse-by-verse; helping people apply the living Word of God to their daily lives.

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Jul 14, 2024

Genesis 43:1-34


I. Headed Back to Egypt; vs.1-14

II. A Surprising Welcome; vs.15-23

III. Bread is Served; vs.24-34

Jacob’s sons reluctantly return to Egypt. They fear the worst but to their surprise, they are invited to the table with the lord of...

Jul 7, 2024

Teacher: Pastor Robert Verastegui
Passage: Ephesians 5:21-33

1-Submit to one another                             V21-24

2-Love as Christ loved                                 V25-30


Jun 30, 2024

Genesis 42:1-38


I. Brothers Seeking Bread; vs.1-17

II. Brothers in Distress; vs.18-24

III. Brothers Provided For; vs.25-38

Proverbs 25:21-22

Genesis 42:29-34

Genesis 42:35-36

Genesis 42:37-38

Isaiah 53:4

Isaiah 53:10


Jacob’s sons bow before the prince of Egypt begging for bread. Little do they know, the king is...

Jun 23, 2024

Teacher: Brian Leblond
Passage: Acts 17

Jun 16, 2024

Teacher: Terry Micheals
Genesis 41:1-57

I. The Dreams of Pharoah; vs.1-16
II. Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dreams; vs.17-36
III. Joseph Is Exalted; vs.37-45
IV. The Storehouses Are Filled; vs.46-57

After interpreting Pharaoh’s dream Joseph is exalted from the jailhouse to royalty. He masters a disaster...